Products, We deal, We specialize in providing high quality products such as batteries, inverters, and solar systems at very reasonable prices. Our products are sourced from leading manufacturers and are designed to provide reliable performance and excellent value. Our experienced team of auto electrical professionals is always on hand to provide expert advice and help you select the right product for your needs. With our competitive prices and quality assurance, you can be sure that you will get the best value for your money.

Microtek 545watt 24V Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel
Microtek 545watt 24V Mono Perc Half Cut Solar Panel 15,500.00
Luminous Eco Watt Neo 1250
Luminous Eco Watt Neo 1250 pro 5,700.00
Exide Xpress-XP1000H29R
Exide Xpress-XP1000H29R 8,500.00
Exide EL150L-150AH Tubular Battery
Exide EL150L-150AH Tubular Battery 12,800.00
Exide EL150-150AH Tubular Battery
Exide EL150-150AH Tubular Battery 14,800.00
Exide Mileage-MLN55-ISS
Exide Mileage-MLN55-ISS 6,800.00
Exide Mileage-MLDIN47RMF-ISS
Exide Mileage-MLDIN47RMF-ISS 6,800.00
Exide Matrix-MT40B20L 4,700.00
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