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battery testing

Midtronics Battery Tester

We are using Midtronics Conductance Battery & Electrical System Analyzers for Fast Result with Print.provide a more complete picture of battery capabilities.

car battery testing

Car Battery Testing

We at Exide care provide the best car battery repair and services to render various requirements of the customers.

inverter repair service in jajpur

Inverter Repair & Services

We provide the best and prompt repair & services of all Inverter brands to our valuable customers at nominal charges.

exide batery dealer in jajpur

Exide Batmobile

Exide BATMOBILE, an Emergency Car Breakdown Assistance service for any 4-wheeler with a battery problem. Service will starts very soon in Jajpur Road, as we are committed to serving the best quality service to our customers.

car battery replacement

Battery Replacement Service

Come in today to purchase a new battery & get it installed for free at our store! If Exide battery In Warranty* we may replace it in the same day as we Exide Service Empowered Dealer in Jajpur. So buy batteries from us and get faster service.

motorcyle battery repair

Motorcycle Battery Services

In Warranty* we replace the Exide battery on the same day or the next day. We serve to provide the best services of your motorcycle so that you can go for your ride again. So buy batteries from us and get faster service.

Battery Check and Replacement Service

      At Genuine Auto Electricals, we understand the importance of a battery change service that is genuine, available, accessible, timely, and affordable. Therefore, we provide the best batteries and Inverters from renowned and reliable manufacturers such as Exide, Luminous, Microtek etc.

A battery is to a car as the heart is to a human body. It keeps the machine operational. A high-performance car battery is responsible for storing energy and powering the car’s ignition, fuel delivery system, engine, and all the car’s electronic components when both stationary and in motion.

Therefore, one needs to perform regular maintenance of the battery so that a situation where you require emergency car battery service doesn’t arise battery failure.

Signs you need to replace your car battery

Like any other component of a vehicle, your car battery also undergoes wear and tear. Eventually, your battery’s life will run out.

To make sure that such an incident does not occur when you are on the road, you must pay attention to certain red flags which suggest that your car battery needs immediate diagnosis, check, and if possible, replacement. Here are the most important ones:

  • Engine cranks slowly
  • Lights have lost their brightness or flicker
  • Battery has corrosion stains
  • Engine refuses to switch on at times
  • Car’s performance gets affected whenever you turn on the stereo or air conditioning
  • Battery has visible signs of damage, swelling, sparking, bloating, leakage of fluid or fumes
  • Check Engine light is on

At Genuine Auto Electricals, we have trained professionals and world class equipment to diagnose and check your car battery’s condition at our centers. We ensure hassle-free, economical, quick, and correct battery diagnosis, and provide you with the best-in-class battery installation and replacement according to your car’s specifications.

Benefits of Exide Car Battery


  • Leak-Resistant Design
  • Built for Indian Conditions
  • Corrosion Resistance
  • Advanced Hybrid Technology
  • Factory Charged – Ready to Use
  • Vibration Resistance
  • High Cranking Power
  • High Heat Tolerance
  • Maintenance Free Battery
  • Get Free Service Anywhere in India

Tips for improving Battery Life

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