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Battery Check and Replacement

At Genuine Auto Electricals, we understand the importance of a car battery change service that is genuine, available, accessible, timely, and affordable. Therefore, we provide the best car batteries from renowned and reliable manufacturers such as Exide which are recommended for a wide range of cars in the Indian market.

A battery is to a car as the heart is to a human body,it keeps the machine operational. A high performance car battery is responsible for storing energy and powering the car’s ignition, fuel delivery system, the engine, and all the electronic components of a car when both stationary and in motion.

Therefore, one needs to perform regular maintenance of the battery so that a situation where you require emergency car battery service doesn’t arise. Battery failure can jeopardize your car and create stressful situations for you on the road. In that case, emergency car battery replacement or service should be availed of as soon as possible.

Signs you need to replace your car battery

Like any other component of a vehicle, your car battery also undergoes wear and tear. Eventually, your battery’s life will run out.

To make sure that such an incident does not occur when you are on the road, you must pay attention to certain red flags which suggest that your car battery needs immediate diagnosis, check, and if possible, replacement. Here are the most important ones:

  • Engine cranks slowly
  • Lights have lost their brightness or flicker
  • Battery has corrosion stains
  • Engine refuses to switch on at times
  • Car’s performance gets affected whenever you turn on the stereo or air conditioning
  • Battery has visible signs of damage, swelling, sparking, bloating, leakage of fluid or fumes
  • Check Engine light is on

At Genuine Auto Electricals, we have trained professionals and world class equipment to diagnose and check your car battery’s condition at our centers. We ensure hassle-free, economical, quick, and correct battery diagnosis, and provide you with the best-in-class battery installation and replacement according to your car’s specifications.

Benefits of Exide Car Battery

  • Leak-Resistant Design

  • Built for Indian Conditions

  • Corrosion Resistance

  • Advanced Hybrid Technology

  • Factory Charged – Ready to Use

  • Vibration Resistance

  • High Cranking Power

  • High Heat Tolerance

  • Maintenance Free Battery

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Battery Maintenance Tips

Maintenance and care of a car’s and inverter battery is an important exercise which you must undertake frequently. This involves periodic cleaning and checking of the battery to ensure its smooth operation and longevity. Here are some tips for the same.


Inspect clamp:

Ensure that the battery is firmly placed inside the cradle and all the clamps and wires are in proper contact.

Eliminate grease:

Avoid application of grease for lubrication of cable clamps and terminals. Instead, use petroleum jelly. The battery top must always be clean and dry.

Utilize only distilled water:

Maintain proper battery water level as indicated on the battery, and refill only with distilled water.

Tighten the parts:

Tighten all closed vent plugs, screws, cable and clamp connections every time you service the battery.

Inspect for damage:

Keep a close eye on any damage or leakage in vents, or other parts of the battery.

Maintain a routine:

Inspect the battery frequently, especially the electrical systems and voltage regulator settings. Schedule regular professional checks, repairs and servicing.

Despite thorough maintenance, it is possible that weather conditions, accidents, excessive use, or expiration might result in your car’s battery dying unexpectedly. In such a situation, whether you are at home or on the road, you can reach out to Genuine Auto Electricals at +91-98612-40376. It is highly advisable that you get any new car battery installation done professionally.


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