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         Buy luminous home ups and inverters at best prices. Best ups inverters at the right price available at Genuine Auto Electricals. Exclusive offers ! Check out the top selling products of from the wide range of Inverters / Home UPS, Batteries, and Solar Products from the house of Luminous. Luminous, the most trusted power backup brand and a household name in India, brings to you the best in class products for your home and office needs. With quality products and easy installation,



Luminous Tubular batteries are your best option. These deep-cycle batteries are rigged to deliver incredible amounts of power and efficiency. They are suitable for areas with long and arduous power cuts. The life cycle is between 5 to 6 years. An electrolyte level indicator is also included. These batteries are available from 60Ah to 220Ah along with a warranty lasting between 15 to 75 months.


 Luminous offer the widest portfolio of Inverters & UPS with load handling capacity from 300VA to 100KVA. Luminous wide range of Inverters & UPS gives customers ample choice ensuring their power back-up requirements are met. Luminous range includes affordable square wave inverters suitable for powering small homes to 3-phase pure sine wave inverters suitable for providing uninterrupted power back-up to businesses.


Luminous solar portfolio includes the widest range of products which includes Solar Home Inverters, Solar Power Conditioning Unit (PCU), Solar Grid Tie Inverters, Solar Batteries, Mono crystalline and Poly crystalline Solar Panels, MPPT & PWM Charge Controllers and Solar Upgrade kits. Our products ensure that all type of customers be it residential, commercial establishments and industrial facilities are able to go solar suited to their requirements.


 Luminous High Capacity Inverters are extremely powerful and reliable. The backup power that they provide can be used to run many domestic appliances like printers, air conditioners, photocopier machines, along with the relatively less-demanding lights and fans.


Luminous, the most trusted brand in power back-up solutions, offers ToughX range of automatic voltage stabilizers, which are loaded with the most advanced technology and are designed to give your loved appliances the protection they need from fluctuating voltages and surges.  ToughX stabilizers are equipped with microprocessor based digital technology and contains highly efficient transformer ensuring low heat generation.


Luminous Tough-X trolley is an elegantly designed product, which is sturdy as a rock and yet pleasing to the eye. It is spacious, efficient and made from tough long lasting material which does not get destroyed by spillage from battery. The trolley comes with wheels which ease mobility. The battery can be kept inside the trolley while UPS can be placed on the top of it.

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