Exide Eezy Battery

Exide Eezy Battery


Presenting Exide EEZY, Exide Eezy Battery-Segment: CAR/SUV/MUV. The latest entrant from Exide with advanced features and a cutting-edge design. Powered by the latest technology, it has been developed with years of expertise and experience. Exide EEZY is easy on the pocket and an ideal partner for cars.

           Exide Eezy Battery is a high-performance battery that provides long-lasting power to your vehicle. It is designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh weather conditions, ensuring that your car starts up every time.




Exide Eezy Battery

  • Batteries are manufactured using a new lead-tin-Calcium alloy that helps deliver higher cranking current and longer shelf life.
  • A battery made of punched plates from rolled sheets provides superior corrosion resistance and electrical conductivity.
  • A high cranking power-to-weight ratio ensures high power in smaller footprint areas with excellent vehicle starting ability.
  • Less variance in weight compared to conventional batteries improves consistency and reliability in product performance.
  • The duplex cover design, with its unique tortuous path & flow-back mechanism, improves spill-proof characteristics under arduous vehicle running conditions.
  • Effective flame arrestors with micro porous filter disc in vent openings arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery, which enhances safety
  • The special self-locking handle design reduces the chance of accidents due to the handle coming out of the battery.
  • Low self-discharge ensures the START even after idle for long durations.
  • The imported separator, reinforced with a texturized mat (embedded on plates), provides surface support to the active material, thereby improving cycle life, and also provides lower electrical resistance.
  • Magic Eye: For determination of electrolyte level and state of charge.
  • Product styling and appearance provide robust structure and a sealed look externally.
  • Available factory-charged in ready-to-use condition.

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Technical Specifications of Exide Eezy Range of Batteries

Battery Nomenclature Ref C20 Capacity (Ah) Maximum Overall Dimensions (MM) Nominal Filled Weight Electrolyte Volume Charging Current (A) CCA at – 18°C  As Per Acid Level Indicator Battery Layout
FEY0-EY34B19R 33 187 127 227 9.6 2.35 2.5 192 240 Present Right Layout exide
FEY0-EY34B19L 33 187 127 227 9.6 2.35 2.5 192 240 Present Left Layout exide
FEY0-EY105D31L 85 305 173 225 22.5 5 7 560 720 Present Left Layout exide
FEY0-EY105D31R 85 305 173 225 22.5 5 7 560 720 Present Right Layout exide
FEY0-EY115D31R 90 305 173 225 23.4 4.9 7 600 750 Present Left Layout exide
FEY0-EY35R 35 197 129 227 10.5 2.2 3 270 332 Present Right Layout exide
FEY0-EY35L 35 197 129 227 10.5 2.2 3 270 332 Present Left Layout exide
FEY0-EY700 65 260 173 225 18.2 4.4 5 400 490 Present Right Layout exide
FEY0-EY700L 65 260 173 225 18.2 4.4 5 400 490 Present Left Layout exide
FEY0-EY80D26R 72 260 173 225 19.4 4.5 6 465 600 Present Right Layout exide

Choosing the right battery for your vehicle is crucial to ensure its reliability and durability. The Exide Eezy Battery is an excellent choice for those looking for a high-performance, reliable, and durable battery. With its advanced technology, resistance to extreme weather conditions, and low maintenance, it is the perfect battery for your vehicle. Choose Exide Eezy Battery and enjoy peace of mind while driving your car.

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