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Why Exide Drive Battery is the Best Choice for Your Vehicle?

Choosing the right battery for your vehicle is essential to ensure that it starts up reliably and efficiently. The Exide Drive Battery is a high-quality battery that offers exceptional performance and durability, making it the best choice for your vehicle. Now with 36* month warranty.

What is Exide Drive Battery?

Exide Drive Battery is a high-performance battery that is designed to provide reliable power to your vehicle. It is a maintenance-free battery that is resistant to extreme weather conditions, ensuring that your car starts up every time.

Exide Drive Designed for Indian conditions: Specially designed Polypropylene container, corners reinforced with ribs, ensures the battery is strong enough to withstand bumps and vibrations.

  • Technology: Optimized Alloy System to suit the high temperature and low maintenance application.
  • Reduced effect of vibration: Compact element design ensures the battery can withstand high vibration in any application.
  • Easy handling & spill proof: Special Omega type cover design fitted with Venturi type chamber cover & Anti-splash guard feature – excellent spill resistance characteristic.
  • Instant start every time: Good cranking power and better life expectancy ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Ready to use: Batteries are factory charged and ready to use condition.

Why Choose Exide Drive Battery?

Superior Performance
The Exide Drive Battery is engineered to provide superior performance, making it one of the most reliable batteries available. It has a high cranking power, allowing your car to start up quickly, even in cold weather.

Durable and Long-Lasting
The Exide Drive Battery is made with advanced technology, ensuring that it is durable and long-lasting. It has a longer lifespan than most batteries, reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Resistant to Extreme Weather Conditions
The Exide Drive Battery is designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, ensuring that your car will start up even in the harshest environments. It is resistant to both high and low temperatures, making it perfect for countries with unpredictable weather.

The Exide Drive Battery requires low maintenance, making it an ideal choice for those looking for a hassle-free option. It is designed to be maintenance-free, reducing the need for frequent checks and replacements.

Environmentally Friendly
The Exide Drive Battery is an environmentally friendly option, making it a popular choice among eco-conscious consumers. It is designed with advanced technology that reduces the battery’s carbon footprint, making it a sustainable choice for your vehicle.

How to Choose the Right Exide Drive Battery?

To choose the right Exide Drive Battery for your vehicle, you need to consider the following factors:

Battery Size
The battery size is an essential factor to consider when choosing an Exide Drive Battery. The battery’s size must match the vehicle’s specifications to ensure that it fits correctly.

Vehicle Type
Different vehicles require different battery types. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an Exide Drive Battery that matches your vehicle’s requirements.

Battery Warranty

Exide Drive Automotive battery comes with 18-month warranty* and from 80 AH it will be 36 months (18 month full replacement warranty+18 month pro rata warranty)

Battery Age
If your vehicle is more than three years old, it is recommended that you replace your battery. Choosing an Exide Drive Battery can ensure that your vehicle has a reliable and durable power source.

In Conclusion

The Exide Drive Battery is a high-performance, reliable, and durable battery that is the best choice for your vehicle. With its superior performance, resistance to extreme weather conditions, low maintenance, and environmentally friendly design, it is the perfect battery for your car. Choose Exide Drive Battery and enjoy peace of mind while driving your vehicle.

Technical Specifications of Exide Drive Range of Batteries

Battery NomenclatureRef C20 Capacity (Ah)Maximum Overall Dimensions (MM)Nominal Filled WeightElectrolyte VolumeCharging Current (A)CCA at – 18°C  As PerAcid Level IndicatorBattery Layout
FEG0-DRIVE45R4523812922713.63.54.1220272Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE35R3519712922710.52.23270332Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE35L3519712922710.52.23270332Not PresentLeft Layout
FEG0-DRIVE700R6526017322518.24.45400490Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE700L6526017322518.24.45400490Not PresentLeft Layout
FEG0-DRIVE80R80305173225234.96.5420530Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE88L8841017623526.377430550Not PresentLeft Layout
FEG0-DRIVE100L10041017623527.56.458475580Not PresentLeft Layout
GEG0-DRIVE130R13050518225734.58.59540700Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE150R15050822225741.510.910.5640785Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE180R18052127827053.816138301050Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE100R10041017623427.56.458475580Not PresentRight Layout
FEG0-DRIVE80L80305173225234.96.5420530Not PresentLeft Layout
FEG0-DRIVE88R8841017623426.377430550Not PresentRight Layout

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