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Exide Xpress Battery

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Exide Xpress Battery used in most commercial vehicles in India, especially trucks and buses, have to ply through undulated terrains, rough roads, extreme climates, and severe operating conditions. Exide manufactures commercial vehicle batteries using a Hybrid Alloy System that ensures that the battery can withstand the Indian environment and high under-bonnet temperatures. Commercial vehicles with Exide batteries help reduce the vibrations while traveling on rough roads and bumps, are quick to recharge, and are leak resistant and low on maintenance. Every Exide heavy-duty truck battery or bus battery comes at a competitive market price and can be purchased from Genuine Auto Electricals Jajpur Road, Odisha.



  • Withstands bumps and vibrations: Special polypropylene container with strengthening ribs makes the battery strong enough to withstand severe operating conditions and arduous vibrations in serviceexide xpress xp1000
  • Made for Indian environment: Use of special Hybrid Alloy System ensures that the battery can withstand the Indian environment and high under-bonnet temperatures
  • Improved cycle life: Double-clad separation in the form of a unique rib-free separator profile, reinforced with texturised glass mat, provides surface support to the active material, thereby improving cycle life and resistance to bumps and vibrations
  • Quick recharge: Unique tree radial grid design, lower internal resistance and a special paste chemistry enhance recharging capability of the battery during use
  • Magic eye: Easy to ascertain the state of the charge as well as electrolyte level of the battery
  • Enhanced safety: Micro-porous filter disc in vent openings help arrest acid fumes and restrict spark propagation inside the battery
  • Leak-resistant design: Side vented lid with electrolyte flow back system reduces chance of electrolyte leakage during handling
  • Maintenance-free: Requires topping up only once in 6 months. Special alloy ensures low water loss during high temperature operations
  • Ready-to-use: Batteries delivered factory-charged in ready-to-use condition
  • Exide Xpress range are flat plate flooded lead acid battery which conforms – IS 14257-1995, JIS-D5301-1999 & I S7372-1995 standard.
Exide Automotive battery

Technical Specifications of Exide Xpress Range of Batteries

Battery Nomenclature Ref C20 Capacity (Ah) Maximum Overall Dimensions (MM) Nominal Filled Weight Electrolyte Volume Charging Current (A) CCA at – 18°C  As Per Acid Level Indicator Battery Layout
FXP0-XP800 80 305 173 225 23 4.9 6.5 420 530 Present Right Layout
FXP0-XP880 88 410 176 233 26.3 7 7 430 550 Present Left Layout
FXP0-XP1000 100 410 176 233 27.5 6.45 8 475 580 Present Left Layout
FXP0-XP1300 130 505 182 257 35.2 8.3 9 560 720 Present Right Layout
FXP0-XP1500 150 508 222 257 41.5 10.9 9 640 785 Present Right Layout
FXP0-XP1800 180 521 278 270 55.3 15.8 13 830 1050 Present Right Layout
FXP0-XP2000 200 521 278 270 57 15.5 14 910 1150 Present Right Layout
FXP0-XP900 90 358 173 234 26.2 5.7 7 430 550 Present RIght Layout

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Exide Xpress-XP1200L-RH Original price was: ₹12,925.00.Current price is: ₹11,000.00.
Exide Xpress-XP1200 Original price was: ₹12,925.00.Current price is: ₹11,000.00.
Exide Xpress-XP1000H29R Original price was: ₹10,241.00.Current price is: ₹8,600.00.
-14%LimitedSold Out
Exide Xpress-XP900
Exide Xpress-XP900 Original price was: ₹9,808.00.Current price is: ₹8,400.00.
-18%LimitedSold Out
Exide Xpress-XP1800
Exide Xpress-XP2000 Original price was: ₹26,768.00.Current price is: ₹22,000.00.
Exide Xpress-XP800 Original price was: ₹8,344.00.Current price is: ₹7,200.00.
Exide Xpress-XP880 Original price was: ₹9,227.00.Current price is: ₹7,800.00.
Exide Xpress-XP1800 Original price was: ₹19,977.00.Current price is: ₹16,700.00.

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